Horten Ho XIV


This was a sports sailplane designed to conform to the 1939 Olympic Games specification.  It was designed for simplicity and ease of production.  The first aircraft was built from sketches and proper drawings for the production type were made later with slight modifications.  Construction was carried out at Hersfeld.


Span was 15 m and aspect ratio 16.2. The wing had 23 degree leading edge sweep and 8.6 degree total twist.  Sections were 4% camber and 17% thickness at the root with 10% thick symmetrical tips.  Empty weight was 120 kg giving a flying weight of 225 kg.

Controls consisted of one Frise nose elevon per side with rudders and dive brakes of H IV design.  The glider trimmed at CL=1.0 with elevons neutral.
The pilot was put in a prone position as on the H IV and the undercarriage arrangement was also similar but for the replacement of the rear skid by a wheel.

Wing span: 16m
Wing area: 15.76sq.m
Empty Weight: 150kg
Payload: 80kg
Gross Weight: 230kg
Wing Load: 14.6kg/sq.m
Aspect ratio: 16.2
L/DMax: 30 70 kph
MinSink: 0.62 m/s 55 kph
Seats: 1