Hornet Microlights Skyhook Sailwings 250/Sabre C

Single-seat single-engined flex-wing aircraft with weight-shift control. Rogallo wing with keel pocket. Pilot suspended below wing in trike unit, using bar to control pitch and yaw/roll by altering relative positions of trike unit and wing. Wing braced from above by kingpost and cables, from below by cables; floating cross-tube construction with 55% double-surface enclosing cross-tube; pre-formed ribs. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; no suspension on any wheels. Push-right go-left nosewheel steering independent from yaw control. Optional brake on nosewheel. Aluminium-tube trike unit without pod (250), with pod and side fairings (250 Executive). Engine mounted below wing driving pusher propeller. All major components made from aircraft quality materials. Front fork assembly made from aluminium alloy.
The 250 is a basic single-seat trike unit generally sold with a Skyhook Sailwings Sabre C wing. Other wings offered are Skyhook Sailwings Cutlass C, Airwave Nimrod, Gold Marque Sports Gyr and Flexiform Skysails Striker.

Instead of the usual bolt and saddle-washers method, Hornets use tube joint pieces made from external sleeving, welded together in the appropriate shape (T, L or whatever). The tubes are slid inside the joint pieces and retained by aircraft-quality bolts or, for less critical applications, stainless-steel rivets. Made from steel, the joint pieces have passivated zinc plating for corrosion protection; chromium plating is an option.

A recognition point is the U-shaped nose tube, designed to facilitate the fitting of Hornet's own glass-fibre pod. When fitted with this pod plus glass-fibre side fairings, the trike unit is known as the 250 Executive. Other options include a nosewheel brake, alloy skis, alloy wheels, an extra fuel tank holding 3.6 US gal (3.0 Imp Gal).