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Hopfner HS.1032 / HS.10/32 / HS.1033 / HS.10/33
The light transport aircraft Hopfner HS.10/32 (HS.1032) was developed based on the successful light multipurpose aircraft HS.9. The 1932 HS.1032 was a sport und utility aircraft, two-seat, single-engine high-wing monoplane with enclosed cockpit and fixed undercarriage.
The first flight of the aircraft prototype (A-130 / registration - OE-DGL), equipped with a Siemens Sh 14A engine with a power of 150 hp, took place in the second half of 1932. Following it, two more aircraft were manufactured - A-131 and A-132 / OE-DIS.
Four were built (including one slightly modified and designated as HS.1033 / HS.10/33.
An Austrian mail pilot during the summer months, Hubert Kleinhaus gave joyrides in the winter from Kitzkeuhl and with a HS.10/32, and ran a service, when necessary, to St. Petersburg. Moritz. His machine, is a Hopfner "Superfly" with a Walter "Gamma" engine. Kleinhaus learnt to fly in Germany and took an aerobatic course in this country.
Engine: Siemens Sh 14A, 150 hp
Wing span: 10.96 m
Wing area: 18.00 sq.m
Length: 8.02 m
Height: 2.39 m
Empty weight: 640 kg
Normal take-off weight: 1000 kg
Maximum speed: 190 km / h
Cruising speed: 170 km / h
Practical range: 840 km
Practical ceiling: 4500 m
Seats: 2

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