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Hollman HA-2M Sportster


As part of his Aeronautical Engineering thesis research Martin Hollman designed a set of aluminum rotor blades for a two-place gyroplane. Having designed a practical rotor system for a two-place gyro, he moved on to the design of a gyroplane to go with the new blades. The result was the Hollmann Sportster, a two-place home-built gyroplane. Plans for the Sportster were made available, powered by a certified Lycoming engine.

The Sportster is designed for the homebuilder who has limited access to power tools. Ninety percent of the structure is bolted or riveted together, 2 x 2in aluminum tubing, and a minimum of machined parts are used. For convenience, the Sportster is designed to be towed behind a car.

Two average people, 350 pounds combined, can fly comfortably inside its nearly enclosed cockpit for up to 90 miles on a cross-country trip. A 130-hp Franklin, 135-hp Lycoming, or 150-hp Lycoming engine can be used. With the engine cut, the Sportster has a 1,000-fpm sink rate. The Sportster is now marketed by Aircraft Designs, Inc.

The Sportster has been in the air since 1974. Its side-by-side dual controls are ideal for flight training. It’s partially enclosed and uses a 160-hp Lycoming engine to reach top speeds of up to 100 mph. Well-detailed plans for the Sportster 2001: $535


Engine: 160 hp Lycoming O-320.
Prop; 67”x 38” wood.
Rotor blades: Hollmann 28’x9”.
Min speed: 15 mph.
Cruise: 85 mph.
Top speed: 120 mph.
Empty wt: 700 lbs.
Useful load: 500 lbs.
Gross wt: 1200 lbs.
Width: 7’8”.
Length: 14’.

Engine 150-hp Lycoming
Rotor diameter 30ft
Gross Wt. 1100 lb
Empty Wt. 600 lb.
Fuel capacity 17 USG.
Length 13 ft
Top speed 90 mph.
Cruise 75 mph.
Minimum speed 28 mph.
Climb rate 500 fpm.
Ceiling 7,000 ft
Takeoff run 350 ft.
Landing roll 0 ft.
Range 120 sm.

Engine: Lycoming O-320, 150 hp.
Disk span: 28 ft.
Disk area: 616 sq.ft.
Speed max: 90 mph.
Cruise: 75 mph.
Range: 150 sm.
ROC: 1000 fpm.
Take off dist: 700 ft.
Service ceiling: 12,000 ft.
HP range: 130-150.
Fuel cap: 17 USG.
Weight empty: 650 lbs.
Gross: 1100 lbs.
Height: 8 ft.
Length: 12 ft.
Seats: 2.
Landing gear: nose wheel.

Engine: 160 hp Lycoming, O-320.
Propeller: 67" X 38" wood
Rotor Blades: Hollmann 28' X 9'
Min Speed 15 mph
Cruise 85 mph
Top Speed 120 mph
Empty Weight 700 lbs
Useful Load 500 lbs
Gross Weight 1,200 lbs
Width 7 ft 8 in
Length 14 ft



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