Heuberger Sizzler




Lawrence K. "Larry" designed and built the Sizzler in 1957. The two-place Sizzler features a T-tail arrangement and gets a fair amount of lift from its fuselage. The low-wing monoplane is built entirely of metal and flush-riveted throughout. Compound curves are no problem on the Sizzler, which uses flap panels. It stands on tricycle landing gear and carries a 125-hp Continental engine.

At least two were built (the prototype N75345 of Mr. Heuberger and C-GSIM of Mr. James Sim in Canada).

Gross Wt. 1350 lbs.
Empty Wt. 950 lb
Fuel capacity 33 USG
Wingspan 18 ft 4 in
Length 20 ft 7 in
Top speed 180 mph
Cruise 160 mph
Stall 70 mph
Climb rate 900 fpm
Takeoff run 1200 ft
Landing roll 700 ft
Range 600 sm