Heston Type 1 Phoenix



This 1935 five-seat training aircraft featured hydraulically-operated retractable landing gear. The main wheels retracted into a small stub-wing which formed part of the wing-bracing struts. The aircraft had a particularly quiet cabin which was also bigger than normal for its type. It was not, however, commercially successful.
The Heston Type 1 Phoenix was a five-seat cabin monoplane, the first on a British high-wing aircraft.

Engine: One 200 hp / 149kW D.H. Gipsy VI
Length: 30.1 ft (9.15 m)
Wing span: 40.3 ft (12.3 m.)
Weight empty: 2,000 lb (900 kg)
Passengers/Cargo: 1 pilot; 4 passengers.
Max. cruise: 135 mph (217 kph)
Ceiling: 20,000 ft (6,000 m) fully loaded
Range: 500 miles (800 km)