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Heinkel HD.37
Polikarpov I-7


The first prototype HD-37a flew for the first time in April 1928. The HD-37 was rejected by the air force but as a transition before the availability of the Polikarpow I-5 the Soviet Union bought some HD-37c as sample and acquired the manufacturing license. The Soviet license version was called Polikarpow I-7.

HD-37a: first prototype
HD-37c: Version for the Soviet Union with BMW a VIz engine with 537 kW (730 hp) and tail unit surfaces increased; Basis of the license version Polikarpow I-7
Polikarpow I-7 with a M-17F (license version BMW VI engine) with 526 kW (715 hp)

Engine: a V-12-Reihenmotor BMW Viz, 537 kW (730 hp)
Maximum speed 312 km/h
Service ceiling 8,600 m
Range 700 km
Empty weight 1,267 kg
Max. takeoff weight 1,685 kg
Span 10.00 m
Length 7.00 m
Wing area 26.71 sq.m
Armament: two machine guns

Polikarpow I-7
Engine: M-17F, 526 kW (715 hp)







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