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Heath LNB4 Parasol



Designed and built originally in the U.S.A. by Ed. Heath during the early 1930s, this single seat sports aeroplane was built in large numbers prior to the 1939-45 War. The Parasol was powered mainly with Heath's own conversion of the 25-hp Henderson motorcycle engine. Production was undertaken for an early version of this aircraft in Australia, as early as 1931 by the Adcock-Heath Co.


Heath B-4 / OK-AT(V) Švec


The fuselage is built of welded steel tube and is fabric covered. The wings consist of two solid spruce spars, built-up wooden ribs, compression struts and internal bracing. Externally, the wings are braced by steel tubes to the fuselage. The empennage is built of wood, the fin and tailplane being externally braced. The whole aircraft is fabric covered. Two 5 Imp. gallon fuel tanks are installed at the root end of each wing half, the fuel being gravity fed to the engine.
While some were factory built, and the last model actually received an Approved Type Certificate (ATC) in 1932, the majority were homebuiltfrom factory-supplied kits or from magazine plans. Still being built, this single-seater is usually powered by either a Volkswagen conversion or a 65 hp Continental and is constructed of wood, fabric and tubular steel.






Ultralight replica:
Rag Wing RW 5 Heath Replica

Engine: Continental A40
Wingspan: 31ft. 3 in
Length: 17 ft. 3 in
Wing Area: 135 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 450 lb.
Gross weight: 700 lb
Fuel capacity: 9 USgals
Wing Loading: 5.2 lb/sq. ft.
Max. Speed: 85mph.
Top speed: 73 mph
Cruise speed: 62 mph
Stall Speed: 32mph.
Climb rate: 500 fpm.
Range: 330 miles.
Takeoff run 400 ft.
Landing roll 400 ft.



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