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Hawker Danecock / Dankok




Based on the Woodcock II and designed by Sydney Camm, the Danecock was developed to meet a requirement of the Danish Naval Air Service, or Marine Flyvevaesenets. By comparison with the Woodcock II, the Danecock (Dankok) had unequal span wings, a slightly lengthened fuselage, a 385hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar IV engine and an armament of two 7.7mm Madsen machine guns. The first of three Danecocks ordered from the parent company was flown on 15 December 1925, and the licence manufacture of a further 12 was undertaken by the naval dockyard (Orlogsvaerftet) during 1927-28. They were fitted with 2 blade Danish Orlogsvaerftet wooden propellors.
With serials 155-165, they served from January 1926 until the German occupation in April 1940 as the Hawker Dankok (LB.II for Land Biplane Type 2). A single Dankok (165) was experimentally fitted with a streamlined ownsend Ring which raised the top speed from 235 kph/148mph to 245 kph/152mph.


Max take-off weight: 1381 kg / 3045 lb
Empty weight: 965 kg / 2127 lb
Wingspan: 9.92 m / 32 ft 7 in
Length: 7.96 m / 26 ft 1 in
Wing area: 31.59 sq.m  / 340.03 sq ft
Max. speed: 233 km/h / 145 mph
Cruise speed: 169 km/h / 105 mph


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