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Hatfield Man-Powered Aircraft Club / MPA Puffin


Built specially to compete for the Kremer prize of £5,000 for man-powered flight. A single seat, fixed wing monoplane with the propellor driven by pedalling.  Employees of the de Havilland Aircraft Company’s Puffin flew in November 1961 from Hatfield aerodrome. Puffin was with transparent Melinex covering and extreme dihedral on its 25.6-m (84-ft) wings. Its pilot, Jim Phillips, by the end of the year had flown the craft up to 686 m (750 ft) and made turns through 80 degrees. On 4 May 1962 Hatfield Man-Powered Aircraft Club chairman John Wimpenny flew the Puffin 908 m (993 yards). He was awarded a £50 prize for his record 805-m (880-yard) flight.

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