Harris LW-108 Geodetic

The LW-108 offers the comfort of side-by-side seating under an enclosed canopy. Possibly the most outstanding feature of this low-wing taildragger is its unique geodetically-constructed fuselage. It is said to be both lightweight and economical to build, while providing exceptional strength without sacrificing a low-drag fuselage shape. The framework is all spruce and plywood.

Gross Wt. 1000 lb
Empty Wt. 585 lb
Fue1 capacity 16 USG
Wingspan 28ā€™lā€
Length 19ā€™4ā€
Engine 80hp Continental.
Top speed 150 mph
Cruise 130 mph.
Stall 40 mph
Climb rate 1500 fpm
Takeoff run 500 ft
Range 400 miles