Handley Page HP.28


Air ministry specification D of R4B (later revised as 26/23) for a single engined long range bomber led Handley Page to produce the 60 ft span C/7 (HP.28) Handcross, with a Rolls Royce Condor III.

The pilot was located high under the cabane, with the prone bomb aimer’s position beneath him. There was a Lewis gun on a scarff ring in the mid-upper position and another in the fuselage underneath and behind the prone position. The pilot had a fixed forward firing Vickers gun. The 550 lb bombload was recessed into the left side for the fuselage belly faring.

The first of three built, J7498, first flew on December 6, 1924, but the hawker Horsley won a production order.

Engine: Rolls Royce Condor III
Wing span: 60 ft
Crew:  2