Handley Page W.9 Hampstead

Following its initial services into Europe with modified O/400 bombers shortly after the first World War, Handley Page Transport operated a series of two- and three-engined developments of the bomber, designated W8, W9 and W10.

Imperial Airways received one W.9A Hampstead and four W.10s (the last retired in 1933). The Hampstead was powered by three 287kW Siddeley Jaguar and then 335kW Bristol Jupiter VI engines and had a 5.31m long, 1.35m wide and 1.78m high passenger cabin for 14 persons.

W.9a Hampstead
Engine: 3 x Siddeley Jaguar, 287kW
Max take-off weight: 6577 kg / 14500 lb
Empty weight: 3794 kg / 8364 lb
Wingspan: 24.08 m / 79 ft 0 in
Length: 18.39 m / 60 ft 4 in
Wing area: 145.30 sq.m / 1563.99 sq ft
Max. speed: 183 km/h / 114 mph
Ceiling: 4115 m / 13500 ft
Range: 644 km / 400 miles