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Halberstadt D Srs



The Halberstadt D-series of single-seat fighters was developed from the unarmed B II reconnaissance two-seater, inheriting that type’s considerable structural strength. The D I appeared late in 1915 with a single interrupted gun and a powerplant comprising one 75-kW (100-hp) Mercedes D.l inline engine. The production model, of which few were built, was the D II with the more powerful Mercedes DII engine and a wing radiator in place of the original nose-mounted unit. These served for a few months from June 1916 before being supplanted by the D III, which differed mainly in its larger horn-balanced ailerons and as powerplant one 89-kW (120-hp) Argus Ash inline. A few D IVs were produced for Turkey with twin guns and the 112-kW (150-hp) Benz Bz.III, entering service in 1917 as a single seat fighter. The DV of 1917 was a refined type with a more streamlined plywood-covered fuselage and the As.II engine.


Replica D.VI:
Swanson Halberstadt D.VI

Halberstadt D.I
Engine: l x Mercedes D.I, 75kW(100hp).

Halberstadt D.II
Span: 8.8m (29 ft 10.5 in).
Length: 7.3m (23 ft 11.5 in).
Engine: l x Mercedes D.II, 89kW(120hp).
Armament: 1 x 7.92-mm (0.312-in) LMG 08/15 mg.
Max T/O weight: 730kg (1,6l0lb).
Max speed: 93 mph.
Operational endurance: 2 hr.

Halberstadt D.III
Engine: l x Argus Ash, 89kW(120hp).

Halberstadt D.IV
Engine: l x Benz Bz.III, 112kW(150hp).
Armament: 2 x mg.

Halberstadt D.V
Engine: l x Argus Ash As.II.



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