Gyro-Kopp-Ters Mosquito Hawk

Mosquito Hawk And Midnight Hawk Gyro-Kopp-Ters can be purchased by kit or assembled and tested.

Mosquito Hawk 2001: $6500
Complete kit price: $7,500 in 2009.

Mosquito Hawk 2001: $7500

Single-seat open-frame autogyro
Engines: EA-81 or EA-82
Propeller: 52" X 26" Fixed Pitch
Rotor Blades: 25' X 7" Dragon Wings
Min Speed 25 mph
Cruise 50 mph
Top Speed 80 mph
Empty Weight 410 lbs
Useful Load 275 lbs
Width 4'11"
Height 7'11"
Length 10'2"
Frame of bolted 2X2 aluminum and angle, tall tail. Complete kit available, also engines, gauges, reduction drive, t-shirt.