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The prototype Genesis 1 flew for the first time in 1993, and various improvements were applied, resulting in the production version, Genesis 2. The later has slightly modified wing geometry, fully retractable landing gear and a ballistic parachute (optional).

The design provides for automatic control hookups, and a ballistic recovery parachute is intended to be fitted as standard. Kits and complete airframes are to be produced by Sportina Aviacija in Lithuania, the builder of the LAK-12. The production version, Genesis 2, is expected to bring empty weight back to close to that predicted for the prototype. Other refinements incorporated as a result of prototype flight testing include a change to the aerodynamic twist to the wing, a modified tip airfoil section and a retractable nose wheel.
The kit price in 1997 was US$27,900.

Wing span: 15.0 m
Length: 4.86 m
Wing Area: 11.15 sq.m
Airfoil: Roncz
Aspect ratio: 20.2
Empty weight: 241 kg
Max. weight: 526 kg
Minimum speed: 67 km/h
Maximum speed: 276 km/h
Stall: 42 mph
Best glide ratio: 44:1 at 97 km/h
Minimum sink rate: 0.58 m/s
Seats: 1



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