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Glasflugel BS-1
Regarded as having one of the highest performances of any sailplane when it was first rolled out at the end of 1962, the BS 1 had a prone position for the pilot to keep the fuselage cross section as small as possible, as well as a braking parachute housed in the T-tail.
It was designed by Bjorn Stender, who had worked on the SB-6 when a student at Akaflieg Braunschweig and who in 1962 had been asked to design and build a high performance sailplane by the South African pilot and industrialist Helli Lasch. He set to work with only three other helpers and in spite of the BS 1's advanced nature they succeeded in finishing it by the end of 1962; it was of glassfibre construction - still a comparative novelty at that time - and also had camber changing flaps. The BS-1 has airbrakes, retractable wheel and a tail chute.
After completing its flight tests the BS 1 broke the 300km (186 mile) international triangular speed record during the spring of 1963 and also had a number of competition successes. The BS-1 won the world 300 km speed record (135.3 kph / 85.94 mph) set by Alfred Rohm of West Germany in 1967. In 1970 Terry Thys of San Leandero, Ca made a 917 km / 570 mile flight; which was then the third longest in soaring history.
But following the death of Bjorn Stender on a test flight in October 1963 the type was taken over by the Glasflugel company, who produced the modified BS 1B, which first flew on 24 May 1966. This featured a redesigned fuselage to provide a roomier cockpit, and a modified wing of increased span and a new Eppler 348 aerofoil section to give improved soaring capabilities in weak thermals. Glasflugel built a total of 18 BS 1Bs, one of these being supplied to the naturalist and sailplane pilot Sir Peter Scott.


Wing span: 18m / 59ft
Aspect ratio: 23
Wing area: 14.1 sq.m / 151.7 sq.ft
Wing section: Eppler 348
Length: 7.5 m / 24 ft 7.5 in
Height: 1.54 m / 5 ft 0.5 in
Empty Weight: 335 kg / 739 lb
Payload: 125 kg / 275 lb
Gross Weight: 460 kg / 1014 lb
Water ballast: None
Wing Load: 32.62 kg/sq.m / 6.68 lb/sq.ft
Max speed: 155 mph / 135 kt / 250 km/h
Stalling speed: 35 kt / 65 km/h
Max rough air speed: 135 kt / 250 km/h
L/DMax: 44 at 95 kph / 51 kt / 59 mph
MinSink: 0.54 m/s / 1.78 fps / 1.05 kt at 53 mph / 46 kt / 85 km/h
Water Ballast: 0kg / 0lb
Seats: 1
No. Built: 18



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