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Gigax C-22 Fox

Comco-Ikarus Fox




The Fox was designed by Hans Gigax in Switzerland in 1982. Single-seat single-engined high-wing monoplane with conventional three-axis control. Wing has unswept leading edge, swept forward trailing edge and tapering chord; cruci-form tail. Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder; roll control by half-span ailerons; control inputs through stick for pitch/roll and pedals for yaw. Wing braced from above by kingpost and cables, from below by cables; wing profile double-surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; suspension on all wheels. Push-right go-right nose-wheel steering connected to yaw control. Hand actuated brake on nosewheel. Aluminium-tube framework, with pod. Engine mounted at wing height driving tractor propeller.

The Fox single-seater made its first flight in December 1982 and underwent a programme of test flights with the intention of obtaining certification in West Germany. It was only a prototype. Rigging and derigging take 20 minutes and when folded it is transportable on a roof rack. The noise measured on the ground with the machine flying at 492ft (150m) with the motor at maximum power is 58dB; West German regulations stipulate 60 dB maximum.


Ikarus C-22 Fox

Evektor-Aerotechnik also is marketing the braced high-wing two-seat Fox (a variant of the German Ikarusflug Eurofox, with Evektor of the Czech Republic having undertaken important design work, and Aeropro of Slovakia building airframes for Fox and Eurofox).


The single-seater Comco-Ikarus Fox D is a first generation micro-light aircraft. The single-seat Sherpa I was the first motorised Ikarus micro-light aircraft and entered serial production in 1982. In 1983, the single-seater Sherpa I was replaced in production by the Fox D, an open single-seater constructed out of aluminium tube covered with sailcloth. The nose of the plane is made out of glassfibre composite as used by the 2-seater Sherpa II. The prop of the Fox D is driven by a Göbler-Hirth F263 engine.






Length overall 15.6 ft, 4.75 m.
Height overall 8.7ft, 2.65m.
Wing span 33.1ft, 10.10m.
Chord at root 4.8ft, 1.45 m.
Chord at tip 4.5ft, 1.36m.
Dihedral 3deg.
Sweepback 0deg.
Tailplane span 10.1ft, 3.08m.
Fin height 5.5 ft, 1.69 m.
Total wing area 142 sq.ft, 13.2 sq.m.
Total aileron area 12.7 sq.ft, 1.18 sq.m.
Fin area 5.1 sq.ft, 0.47 sq.m.
Rudder area 5.5 sq.ft, 0.51 sq.m.
Tailplane area 18.2 sq.ft, 1.69 sq.m.
Total elevator area 10.5 sq.ft, 0.98 sq.m.
Wing aspect ratio 7.7/1.
Wheel track 5.1 ft, 1.54 m.
Wheelbase 4.7 ft, 1.40 m.
Nosewheel diameter overall 12 inch, 30 cm.
Main wheels diameter overall 12 inch, 30 cm.
Engine: Hirth 383 cc, 22 hp at 4200 rpm.
Propeller diameter and pitch 55 x 28 inch, 1.40 x 0.70 m.
Belt reduction, ratio 1.5/1.
Max static thrust 166 lb, 75 kg.
Power per unit area 0. 15 hp/sq.ft, 1.7hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 2.6 US gal, 2.2 Imp gal, 10.0 litre in main tank; 2.6 US gal, 2.2 Imp gal, 10.0 litre in res.
Empty weight 190 lb, 86 kg.
Max take-off weight 442 lb, 200 kg.
Payload 252 lb, 114 kg.
Max wing loading 3.11 lb/sq.ft, 15.2kg/sq.m.
Max power loading 20.1 lb/hp, 9.1kg/hp.
Load factors; +6.0, -3.0 ultimate.
Max level speed 53 mph, 85 kph.
Never exceed speed 81 mph, 130 kph.
Max cruising speed 47 mph, 75 kph.
Economic cruising speed 31 mph, 50 kph.
Stalling speed 24 mph, 40 kph.
Max climb rate at sea level 400ft/min, 2.0m/s.
Take-off distance 82ft, 25m.
Landing distance 33ft, 10m.
Range at average cruising speed 171 mile, 275 km.

Comco Ikarus C-22 Fox

Stall: 23 kt / 27 mph / 43 kmh
Cruise: 49 kt / 56 mph / 90 kmh
VNE: 65 kt / 75 mph / 120 kmh
Empty Weight: 204 kg / 450 lbs
MTOW Weight: 390 kg / 860 lbs
Climb Ratio: 700 ft/min / 4 m/s
Take-off distance (50ft obstacle): 660 ft / 200 m
Landing distance (50ft obstacle): 660 ft / 200 m


Ikarus Comco Ikarus C 22
Empty weight: 185 kg
Wing span: 10.4 m
Wing area: 15.2 sq.m
Fuel capacity: 40 lt
Engine: Rotax 582, 64 hp
MAUW: 400 kg
Seats: 2
Max speed: 145 kph
Cruise speed: 130 kph
Minimum speed: 55 kph
Climb rate: 5 m/s
Fuel consumption: 14 lt/hr
Price (1998): 33 000 DM





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