Geonic Aero Rouseabout


Similar in appearance to the Resurgam, the Rouseabout is a vastly different bird. The prototype was built by Don and Peter Adams with design consultant Gordon Bedson (Resurgam). It will be shortly (1985) available in two models 95.10 (std) & 95.25 which has a larger motor, wheels and beefed up structure. The high wing is a low speed high lift GA(w) 2 NASA section sporting full span flaperons which can be deployed 45 degrees. The production aircraft will be constructed of an all fibre glass kevlar fuselage and integral tail boom, and a very complete components kit is available.

Engine: Konig 570, 4-cyl.
Prop: 152cm x 76 cm pitch
Wingspan: 9.14m.
Length: 5.56m.
Weight: 130kg.
Fuel capacity: 22 ltr.
Econ cruise speed: 58 kts.
Stall: 25kts.