General Aviation Corp GA-15 / PJ-1


Fokker was the winner of a competition instigated by the US Coast Guard for an FLB (Flying Boat) for patrol and rescue in the open sea. The PJ-1 flying boat developed from the B.4A amphibious aircraft.

Because the American Fokker Factory was owned by the General Aviation Corp, at that time, the five flying boats ordered were designated GA-15, and the Coast Guard designation was PJ-1. They had a four-man crew and were equipped with two 420 h.p. Wasp engines driving pusher propellers. The first aircraft was converted by the Naval Aircraft Factory to PJ-2, with tractor propellers. All PJs were equipped with an undercarriage to enable them to beach under their own power. The PJ flying boats the last Fokker aircraft built in America until 1958.