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Guillon and Clouzy 1907 biplane

Standing on three bicycle wheels and with wings twenty feet across, Mr. Guillon's "airship" had a 20 hp engine drive the propeller, which was five feet long and made of aluminium. The total weight of the machine was 300 lb., and with Mr. Guillon on board, reclining in a sloping position of 45 degrees at the back, the weight was 420 lb. When tested at Epsom Downs, Surrey, UK, on 11 April 1907, the aeroplane started away at a good twenty miles an hour, but Mr. Guillon could not get the engine to work satisfactorily, and the machine failed to rise from the ground. Furthermore, the rudder did not seem to act properly, darting this way and that. The aeroplane kept the crowd of some fifty persons constantly running to keep out of danger. Six unsuccessful trials were made, then the axle was found to be bent, and the experiment came to an end.

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