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Hamers 1909 Tandem monoplane
An aeroplane designed and built in 1909 by the Dutch brothers Ph. J. Hamers (architect) and J. Hamers (mechanic) together with the mechanic P. de Roos. They decided to build this plane after experimenting with gliders. The machine was finished in the beginning of 1910 and was ready to fly in February 1910. Flying tests were not successful because of the unreliable and/or underpowered engine, a two-cylinder 20 hp Humber motorcycle unit. As ever money was the problem… The machine was a monoplane, but they saw it as a biplane with one wing in front and one low at the back. Lots of the construction was of steel tubing. The plane was modified in the middle of 1910 and shown on an exposition in Haarlem in August 1910, the heavily modified machine more similar to a Blériot monoplane. After that exposition the work of the Hamers brothers faded into history.

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