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Grigorovich M-2
Shchetinin M-2
Grigorovich M-2 was an experimental Russian World War I-era biplane flying boat with a single step hull, designed by Grigorovich. It was one of the early flying boat built in Russia.
The M-2 was slightly larger than the M-1. The triangular section rear fuselage was raised from the water, tail was equipped with a skid, often referred to as the "shovel". The lower wings were installed 1m above the hull on the engine support frame.
The designer began working on the creation of a new boat, in which the shortcomings of both Donna-Leveque and M-1 would be taken into account. It was already a completely original aircraft, which was named M-2. For the first time, a special slipway was used on it, on which the hull was located with the keel upwards, which provided convenience during the operations of its assembly and fine-tuning.
There was no general theoretical justification for the design of hydroplanes capable of operating in two environments - air and water, at that time. The total effect of hydraulic and gas effects on them was far from always foreseen.
It was never put into production due to poor performance and sluggish take-off behaviour.

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