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Henson & Stringfellow Aerial Steam Carriage
In 1843 William Samuel Henson patented about a proposed “Aerial Steam Carriage”. It seems more like a practical flying machine than anything hitherto suggested. Lacemaking industry engineer Henson, based in Somerset, has had a number of bright aviation ideas. This remarkable flying machine would be a monoplane, with two pusher propellers to be driven by a light steam engine of 25 to 30 hp. Henson actually ordered this engine from colleague John Stringfellow. Even if the Aerial Steam Carriage never flies, its impact has already been tremendous. Pictures of it appeared in magazines and newspapers, and is much talk about. 
Also in 1843 William Samuel Henson and John Stringfellow filed articles of incorporation for the world's first air transport company, the Aerial Transit Company.

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