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Goupy 1914-B
The three-passenger Goupy biplane, type 1914-B, resembled in general construction other machines of this firm. The cell is composed of two staggered planes of unequal length: chord 1.6 m. top plane 19.75 m. long, lower one 10.35 m. long.
The cell is rigid and lateral balance is obtained by powerful conjoined ailerons. The fuselage is of quadrangular section. The monoplane tail is slightly lifting and approximately rectangular, terminated by a flap 3.1 by .7 m. serving as an elevator.
The quadrangular rudder, above the tail, is partly balanced and in front of it is a small vertical fin. The 100 hp Gnome supported between two bearings turns a 2.8 m. propeller, the axis being 1.8 m. above the ground. The chassis is of the usual type, skids and wheels: the wheels are far enough forward to prevent "capotage." The skids, however, do not seem sufficient to protect the propeller in a bad landing on rough ground.
Goupy 1914-B

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