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Gammeter Orthopter
Built by Harry C Gammeter in 1907, the single place Orthopter had bamboo-and-silk flapping wings, double-hinged to the fuselage and flapping 75 strokes per minute. It reportedly "took-off in unmanned tethered flight" after developing a thrust of 24 lb, but was not developed further. "Originally, a horizontal flywheel turning at 1500rpm was used for stabilization but was later removed."



It was listed as an entrant in Flying Machine events at 1907 Intl Aeronautic Tournament in St Louis MO, 21-24 Oct 1907. Gammeter was member of Aero Club of America and president of Aero Club of Cleveland about that time, also invented and patented in 1903 the multigraph duplicating machine ("Ditto machine").
Engine: Curtiss, 7hp @ 1200rpm
Wingspan: 30'0"
Length: 12'0"
Gross wt: 440 lb


I am trying to find if a Gammeter orthopter or ornithopter still exists in an old barn or hangar somewhere.  Harry Gammeter was my greatgreat uncle.  Thank you.
Roger Gammeter
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17 Mar 18

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