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Glasair Aviation Merlin
The first flight of Glasair Aviation’s Merlin light sport aircraft (LSA) took place on April 7, 2015. For nearly a year afterward, refinements and testing took place.
Almost a year later to the day, Glasair received the certification it sought on its prototype model, allowing it to reclassify the Merlin as an SLSA (that first S stands for Special). The Merlin will sell as fully factory-built, ready-to-buy-and-fly aircraft.
Pilot and passenger have a 47 inch wide cockpit and sweeping views outside. Skylights make it that much easier to track traffic.
Engine: Rotax 912 iS, 100 hp
Max Speed at Sea Level: 120 kts / 138 mph
Wing Span: 31 ft 9 in
Wing Area: 132 sq.ft
Length: 21 ft 8 in
Height: 8 ft 8 in
Empty weight (Prototype)  850 lb
Max takeoff weight: 1320 lb
Useful Load (Prototype): 470 lb
Limit Load: +4g / -2g
Fuel capacity: 24 USgal
Cruise: 105 kts / 121 mph
Stall, no flaps: 45 kts / 52 mph
Stall, full flaps: 39 kts, 45 mph
Cabin width: 46.5 in
Baggage: 50 lb
Base pricec 2016: $149,000
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