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Hopfner HV-6/28 / HV.628
The Hopfner HV-6/28 (HV.628), designrd by Theodor Hopfner, was a small airliner built in Austria for Swiss use.
Unrelated to Hopfner's other airliners of the period, the HV-6/28 was a conventional, high-wing, single engine, strut-braced monoplane with a fully enclosed cabin. The main units of the fixed tailskid undercarriage were divided. The single example built, CH-186, was handed over on April 19, 1929 and was flown by Ostschweizer Aero Gesellschaft St. Gallen between 1929 and 1931, and then scrapped.
The aircraft was a high-end engine equipped with a 240 hp Walter Castor engine, with a passenger cabin for 6 people.
Engine: 1 × Walter Castor, 180 kW (240 hp)
Length: 10.00 m (32 ft 10 in)
Wingspan: 16.00 m (52 ft 6 in)
Height: 2.90 m (9 ft 6 in)
Wing area: 36.4 sq.m (392 ft2)
Empty weight: 1,113 kg (2,449 lb)
Gross weight: 1,950 kg (4,290 lb)
Maximum speed: 194 km/h (123 mph)
Range: 250 km (160 miles)
Service ceiling: 3,500 m (11,500 ft)
Crew: One pilot
Capacity: 6 passengers

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