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Gilmore Monoplanes
Copies exist of patent drawings of an aeroplane designed by Lyman Wiswell Gilmore Jr., although the April 27, 1898, date ascribed to them (and written on them in a hand other than the patent artist's) is unsubstantiated, as far as can be determined.
The Gilmore Monoplane design - said to date from 1898
About 1909 Gilmore built a large machine of his 1898 design. Gilmore kept both the smaller monoplane and the large "1898"-type monoplane in a barn at his modest ranch, "The Lyman Gilmore Aerodrome," in Red Bluff, California.
During the 1910's Gilmore's efforts picked up 'steam' and he built a large monoplane, apparently patterned to a degree after Louis Bleriot's Bleriot XII (not Bleriot XI) monoplane of 1909. Gilmore seems to have claimed that he built that machine in 1908, but that assertion, as with so much of Gilmore's story, seems to be lacking corroboration. During August and September of 1909, Gilmore was experimenting with what seems to have been a clockwork-powered large model aeroplane, which was apparently successfully demonstrated to a small number of people.
The Gilmore Monoplane "1898" design and the smaller monoplane, right, built about 1911
Gilmore would often roll the machines outside for the display until 1935, when the barn and the two machine were destroyed in a fire. His smaller (although still quite large) monoplane was apparently flight tested on September 21, 1911, although the crankshaft on his monoplane's Roberts engine broke before the machine could be flown. A second attempt, before a large crowd on March 17, 1912, proved the machine, at 1,600 lb., to be too heavy for flight.
Lyman Gilmore, Jr., standing on the ground, Charles Lyman on a ladder

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