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Heydecke V16
A home built 2/3 scale Polikarpov I-16 replica built by Volker Heydecke of Drury, New Zealand.Volker Heydecke is a mechanical engineer but did not weld a single piece on this airplane. He trusted a licensed airplane welder to do this. The only welded truss-system is the engine mount. There are a few welded brackets made from steel, the undercarriage is bolted. The rest is self supported composite structure (monocoque).
On Saturday, 29 August 2009, around 1730 hrs, the pilot was conducting stalls as part of the test flying regime. On on the second stall, the left wing dropped and the aircraft entered a spin. Standard recovery techniques did not arrest the spin, so the pilot transmitted a distress message and deployed the aircraft ballistic recovery chute. The aircraft sustained damage to the propeller and undercarriage on landing in a farm paddock. The pilot was able to vacate the aircraft with only minor injuries.
Serial: V16001

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