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HIBM Blériot AK-01X / AK-2000X
HIBM AK-2000X (01)

From 8 Febuary to 15 May 1914, four Turkish airmen flew a 2500 km long-haul flight - Istanbul-Damascus-Jerusalem-Cairo-Alexandria, in a Blériot XI. To commemorate this in part tragic, but very successful in the end, flight, the Turkish state television TRT decided to film a recreation.
In 2001 2.HIBM built modified, but flyable replicas of the aircraft.Because the replicas corresponded little to the original Blériot XI aircraft, there was some discord.With two Blériot AK-2000X aircraft a reenactmet of the same route of 1914 was carried out during 15 May -18 June 2001.
Blériot AK-01X
One built
Blériot AK-2000X
Two built

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