Heath 115 Special
Heath CNA-40
Hansen Specal
Heath CNA-40 C/N TD-3, Heath 115 Special Racer NR 12882 restored 2007
The 1933 Heath CNA 115 Special is a competition version of CNA-40 with clipped wing and bigger propeller for improved performance in races.
Heath CNA NC12892 was modified for racing and named the 115 Special. Higher turtledeck, shorter tapered wings, wheels pants, and general overall refining improved performance. After appearing in the 1933 races, NR12882 was returned to ATC status which included longer constant chord wing with full span ailerons. It did retain the raised turtledeck.
The first flight of NR12882, after modifications, ended with an engine failure. Pilot Bill Kysor ran out of altitude and ended in a ditch bordering Niles Airport.
Following the Chicargo races, after it was returned to ATC status, NC12882 suffered another incident.
One was built as Hansen Special, NR282W, and restored in 1965.




Heath 115 Special
Engine: 32hp Bristol Cherub
Wing span: 18'2"
Length: 17'3"
Load: 228 lb
Max speed: 105 mph
Cruise speed: 85 mph
Stall: 60 mph