Hansen Special Baby Bullet

Hansen Special Baby Bullet III NR84Y


Three Hansen racers were built. The first a modified Heath Baby Bullet as Baby Bullet [11351]. The second, from a Heath 115, with 40hp Continental A-40 (span: 16'6") as Baby Bullet II for 1932 Nationals [NR282W] (piloted by Art Davis and Walt Bagnick). The third as Baby Bullet III for 1934 Nationals [NR84Y] (piloted by Art Davis), and rebuilt in 1947 as Francis-Angell midget racer.


Baby Bullet I
Engine: Wright-Morehouse, 29hp
Wingspan: 20'0"
Seats: 1


Baby Bullet II
Engine: Continental A-40, 40hp
Wingspan: 16'6"
Seats: 1


Baby Bullet III
Seats: 1