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  Cooke Aeroplane Co Irene
Weldon B. Cooke, an early pioneer who taught himself to fly in a Curtiss pusher, started construction of a flying boat project in California.
The craft’s biplane wings rested on a full length boat hull that ended in a tail group supported by struts. Its single tractor propeller, mounted forward of the wing, was driven by a belt running from a 75-hp Roberts engine. Sometime in 1913, Cooke shipped the parts by rail to Sandusky, Ohio, where the aircraft was completed and flown.
Although the "Irene," depicted in this image, suffered from design and construction flaws, she became famous locally when Cooke raced her against C. B. Lockwood's motorboat "Chinook." Cooke attained speeds of 35 miles per hour in the water and 50 miles per hour in the air. Lockwood's fast motor boat reached a speed of 23 miles per hour.

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