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Oberursel U.III


The Gnome 7 Lambda was a French designed, seven-cylinder, air-cooled rotary aero engine that was produced under license in Britain and Germany. Powering several World War I era aircraft types it was claimed to produce 80 horsepower (60 kW) from its capacity of 12 litres (720 cubic inches) although recorded figures are lower.


Gnome 7 Lambda


Just under 1,000 units were produced in Britain, the majority (967) by the Daimler Company of Coventry. A 14-cylinder variant was known as the Gnome 14 Lambda-Lambda.

In Germany Motorenfabrik Oberursel license-built the seven-cylinder engine as the Oberursel U.0 and later copied the 14-cylinder design and designated it as the Oberursel U.III.


Gnome 7 Lambda


Gnome 7 Lambda
Seven-cylinder, single-row rotary engine.
Gnome 7 Lambda (long stroke)
Increased stroke of 145 mm (5.7 in) to raise the compression ratio to 3.87:1, and total displacement to 12.26 litres.
Gnome 14 Lambda-Lambda
14-cylinder, two-row rotary engine using Lambda cylinders. 160 hp (120 kW).
Motorenfabrik Oberursel U.0
German production of the Gnome 7 Lambda - had a 124mm cylinder bore and 140mm piston stroke for a total displacement of 11.52 litres, external diameter of 1.020 meters.



Gnome 7 Lambda
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Blackburn Type I
Blériot Parasol
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Bristol Boxkite
Bristol Gordon England G.E.3
Bristol-Coanda Monoplanes
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Gnome 14 Lambda-Lambda
Avro 510
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.4
Deperdussin Monocoque
Short S.63
Short S.64
Short S.70
Short S.74
Short S.80
Short S.81
Short S.82



Gnome 7 Lambda
Type: 7-cylinder, single-row, rotary engine
Bore: 124 mm (4.9 in)
Stroke: 140 mm (5.5 in)
Displacement: 11.8 L (721.2 cu in)
Length: 112 cm (44 in)
Diameter: 93 cm (36.6 in)
Dry weight: 96 kg (212 lb)
Valvetrain: Automatic centre-piston inlet valve, overhead exhaust valve (one each per cylinder)
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Reduction gear: Direct drive, right-hand tractor, left-hand pusher
Power output: 50.3 kW (67.5 hp) at 1,250 rpm (maximum power)
Compression ratio: 3.75:


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