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Cessna CE-560 Citation V / CE-560 Encore / CE 560XLS / Excel / Ultra


In August 1987, Cessna flew an engineering prototype of the eight-seat Model 560 Citation V This is essentially a development of the S/II equipped with 2,900 lb st / 1315kg JT15D-5A engines, and a longer fuselage fitted with a seventh cabin window. The type was certificated on 9 December 1988, first delivery made the following April and by the end of 1989 the company had delivered 33 and claimed a full orderbook for the US $3.8M Citation V to the end of 1991. More than 60 had been delivered by 1990.

Production ended in 1994 as the model morphed once again into the Citation Excel (XLS).


Citation Excel I-BENT


The Citation XLS+ was first announced in 2006.  The first flight was in 2007.

The first new Cessna Citation Encore entered service on 29 September 2000 for customer demonstrations.


Citation Encore YR-ELV


The Citation Encore+ was first announced in 2005.


Citation Ultra HL7502


CE-560 Citation V
Engines: 2,900 lb st / 1315kg JT15D-5A

CE-560 Encore

Engines two 3,360-lb. Pratt & Whitney PW535 A turbofans.
Seats 7-8.
Gross wt. 16,630 lb.
Empty wt. 9,977 lb
Max cruise 431 kts.

Initial climb rate 4,100 fpm.
Range 1,700-1,960 nm.
Ceiling 45,000.

CE-560 XLS

Engines two 3,804-lb. Pratt & Whitney PW545 A turbofans.
Seats 6-10.
Gross wt. 20,200 lb
Empty wt. 11,910 lb
Max cruise 429 kts.
Initial climb rate 4,100 fpm.
Range 1,700-2,080 nm.
Ceiling 45,000.







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