Caproni Ca.310




Developed in parallel with the Ca.309 Ghibli, the Ca.310 Libeccio (south west wind) reconnaissance / transport aircraft was structurally similar, but had retractable landing gear and was powered by two 460hp/350kW Piaggio P.VII C.35 radial engines.

Export deliveries went to Norway, Peru and Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia also acquired 12 more under the designation Ca.310bis; this variant differed primarily by having an unstepped extensively glazed nose.

The Caproni C.310 World War 2 to be retired by the Italians in 1948.

The prototype of the Ca.310bis served as a development aircraft for the following Ca.311.


SABCA made a marketing agreement with the Italian company Caproni, with SABCA selling some of Caproni's military aircraft in certain markets, including the Caproni Ca.135, Ca.310 and the Ca.312, which were to be designated SABCA S.45bis, S.46 and S.48 respectively.

Caproni Ca.310 (Libeccio)
Engines: 2 x Piaggio P.VIII C.35, 470 hp
Length: 40.03ft (12.2m)
Width: 53.15ft (16.20m)
Height: 11.55ft (3.52m)
Maximum Speed: 227mph (365kmh; 197kts)
Maximum Range: 1,050miles (1,690km)
Service Ceiling: 22,966ft (7,000m; 4.3miles)
1 x 7.7mm Breda SAFAT machine gun in dorsal turret.
2 x 7.7mm Breda SAFAT machine guns in fixed-firing forward wingroot locations.
Up to 992lbs of internal ordnance.
Accommodation: 3
Hardpoints: 0
Empty Weight: 6,724lbs (3,050kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 10,251lbs (4,650kg)