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Cheranovski BICh-3
Shortly after the completion of the BICh-2, BI Cheranovski began developing a powered version that would receive the designation BICh-3(Russian: Черановский БИЧ-3).
The BICh-3 was basically a BICh-2 with the central axis installation of a Blackburn Tomtit engine of only 18 hp. Like its predecessor, it was conceived entirely of wood, with a textile coating, being quite light.
Characteristic of Cheranovski designs , the BICh-3 featured a thick wing with a parabolic leading edge and a slim straight trailing edge with control surfaces along the entire span. These surfaces, made up of ailerons and elevons, were capable of guaranteeing control of the aircraft's flight.
Detail of the flight control system on the Cheranovski BICh-3.
The pilot was located in a cockpit located behind the power plant, practically hidden within the thick wing profile. The open cockpit was protected by a windshield and ended in a fairing that smoothly ended at the rudder. This rudder, blown by propeller flow, was highly effective.
In the lower center of the plane a wheel was fixed, which guaranteed the necessary angle of attack to allow takeoff.
The BICh-3 was successfully tested at the end of January 1926. Several flights performed by BN Kudrin showed that the aircraft was not very stable, but was easy to control in the air. The longest flight was made on February 3 and lasted 8 minutes.
The scheme had proven its worth. The BICh-3 went down in history as the first engine-powered flying wing to fly successfully. Its design would be continued in the Cheranovski BICh-7 of 1929 and in the successful BICh-7A of 1932, with a more powerful powertrain.
Engine: Blackburn Tomtit, 18 hp
Wingspan: 9.50 m
Wing area: 20 m²
Length: 3.50 m
Empty weight: 140 kg
Takeoff weight: 230 kg
Fuel capacity: 10 kg
Payload capacity: 90 kg
Wing loading: 11.5 kg / m²
Power load: 12.8kg / hp
Maximum speed: about 100 km / h
Landing speed: 40 km / h
Accommodation: 1

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