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Carlingford Aërial Chariot / Aerhedon

In 1856 Godwin Swift of Kilkenny, Ireland, aka Viscount Carlingford patented an aeroplane both in England and France, resembling in outline a falcon gliding downward with partially closed wings, described by the inventor as follows: "The aerial chariot in form is something in the shape of a boat, extremely light, with one wheel in front and two behind, having two wings, slightly concave, fixed to its sides". "A tail can be raised and lowered at pleasure by means of a cord. The chariot is drawn forward by an 'aerial screw' in front thereof, which screws into the air at an elevation of 45°, turned by means of a winch acting on three multiplying wheels." The machine was built and tested by swinging it from a rope. The propeller and a wheel are preserved at the Rothe House Museum of Kilkenny.

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