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Caudron C.340 / C.344 / C.345 Junior Phalène
The 1933 Caudron C.340 Micro Phalène series were a reduced-scale Phalène light aircraft. Of wooden construction with fabric covering, five were built.
Folding wings
Engine: 30 hp Chaise 4D motorcycle engine
C.344 Junior Phalène
C.340 re-engined with 1 x 40 hp Chaise 4E 2-cyl.
First flight: 29 April 1933
Wingspan: 9.20 m
Length: 5.55 m
Wing area: 13.80 m²
Empty weight: 270 kg
Total weight: 375 kg
Maximum speed: 135 km / h
Seats: 1
One built
Phalène Junior, revised struts
Engine: 40 hp Train 4E
One built

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