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Chantraine 1908 Monoplane
In early 1907 Joseph Chantraine was awarded patent No. 198,483 for his “Aéromobile”. This aircraft was a monoplane controlled by means of a joystick and driven by three strong bicycle wheels driven by chains. The wings were made of bamboo covered with light tarpaulin.
His machine was constructed in 1907 in Kortenberg. The available picture of the machine shows a little monoplane with two tractor propellers driven by a single engine possibly via rods.
Chantraine was incapable of making test flights so he asked an 18-year old pupil of a technical school in Brussels, Edouard Tollet, to attempt them instead. Tollet is seen in this photo at the left wing tip, while Chaintraine is in the center. Tollet made a flight which was not successful as the machine crashed and was heavily damaged, and he himself slightly injured. The machine flew twice, but on its second flight it fell down in a tree. 
Chantraine acquired several patents in Belgium, France and the UK, however he died in 1910 at the early age of forty. Tollet followed a career in aviation, serving in WWI and continuing as a member of the Belgian aviation service until pensioned as a high-ranking officer in 1946.

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