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Clément-Bayard Monoplane No.1 1909
In March 1908 Pierre Clerget, employed by Gustave-Adolphe Clément-Bayard at the time, received an order from Ernest Archdeacon to design a monoplane. It was to be financed by Archdeacon and constructed by the firm of Clément-Bayard.
Alternately known as monoplan C.A.M. (Clerget-Archdeacon-Marquézy), on November 4, 1909, during a trial of the C.A.M. monoplane, fitted with a Clerget motor of 50 hp, the pilot, René Marquézy, after a quick start, suddenly rose to a height of 15 meters whereupon Marquézy cut the ignition and the aircraft returned to earth abruptly, breaking the propeller and distorting the wheels.
René Marquézy, oft mentioned as being a lighter-than-air aeronaut, later acquired a Brevet of the Aeroclub de France (#238) on October 4, 1910.

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