Curtiss 18 / MF / Seagull / MF-2
USCG Curtiss MF
The 1916 Model 18 MF (Acronym was for "Modernized F") was first powered by the 100hp Curtiss OXX-3. Later motors included 150hp K-6 and 400hp K-12.
Twenty-two were built; A2345-2350, A4403-4418, of which many were modified after WW1 by Cox-Klemin Co for civil use. Post-war production version became the Seagull.
No.124 had a Packard A for tests as MF-2.
Engine: 100hp Curtiss OXX-3
Wingspan: 49'9"
Length: 28'10"
Useful load: 638 lb
Speed: 72 mph
Range: 345 mi
Seats: 2