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Christmas Bullet 
Co-designed with aviation pioneer, Vincent Burnelli (who only admitted to designing the fuselage), the Christmas Bullet was intended to meet a requirement for a military scout plane. The single-engine biplane was fitted with unbraced cantilevered wings designed to flex during flight. This gross lack of wing strength led to in-flight structural failures of both aircraft on 30 December 1918 and 1 May 1919.
This failure aside, the Bullet was noteworthy for being the first or one of the first aircraft to introduce a veneer-clad fuselage to reduce skin-friction drag and interconnected movable ailerons on the wing trailing edge.
Christmas received a patent for the Bullet design in 1914, a fact which he used to make the claim that he had invented the aileron. Dr. Christmas even claimed that the US government bought the rights to his movable ailerons in 1923 for $100,000 to avoid a copyright infringement suit, but there appears to be no evidence to support this claim. In fact, Christmas is only one of many early pioneers who claim to have invented the aileron, including the Wrights and Glenn Curtis.

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