Caudron C.460
The Caudron was designed in 1934 by Marcel Riffard of France, during the Golden Age of air racing. Riffard designed six variations of the Caudron.
It raced all over the world, often finishing in the top three, at least in Europe. American races, on the other hand, were dominated by American airplanes and pilots. That changed in 1936 when the C.460 was brought to Los Angeles to compete in the National Air Race.
The C.460 participated the 1936 National Air Races held in Los Angeles. Flown by Michel Detroyat, the Caudron racer won the Thompson Trophy as well as every other race it participated in that year.
The original Caudron C.460 crashed in a lake during an attempt to set a speed record and it’s still there.
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