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Shchetinin M-1
Grigorovich M-1

The head of the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet requested repair the Donne-Levek military seaplane damaged in training flights. At Schetinin Grigorovich, together with the head of the drawing bureau Sedelnikov, suggested repairing the plane and at the same time making its drawings and setting up production at the factory.
During this work, the idea was born to create a hydroplane, but with the introduction of fundamental changes in its design as compared with Donne-Leveque. Grigorovich proposed to install the aircraft not on the float, necessary for take-off and landing on water, but to design a “flying boat”. The new design, called M-1 (“Sea-first”).
The body of the aircraft was a whole meter shorter than that of Donna-Leveque, and the wing profile provided significantly better aerodynamic characteristics. The aircraft first took to the air on June 1, 1914 - two months before the start of the Great War.
The Grigorovich M-1 is a single-engine flying boat of Russian origin. It is essentially similar to the French Donnet-Lévêcque built in 1912. The two-seater aircraft was of mixed construction, with pilots seated side by side. It was powered by a Gnome engine driving a wooden pusher propeller. Support floats at the end of the lower wing stabilized the aircraft in the water. The aircraft was fitted with attachment points for a dolly to bring the aircraft in and out of the water.
Dmitry Grigorovich shortened the nose by about one meter compared to the original, altered the wing profile (Farman F.16), and reduced the hull step of 200mm to 80mm. The aircraft first flew in the autumn of 1913 and fulfilled the expectations through improved handling.
Engine: 1 × Gnome, 37 kW (50 hp)
Wingspan: 9.5 m (31 ft 2 in)
Wing area: 18.2 m2 (196 sq ft)
Length: 7.4 m (24 ft 3 in)
Empty weight: 420 kg (926 lb)
Gross weight: 620 kg (1,367 lb)
Crew: 2

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