Robin DR500


Descended from the DR400 series. The wooden airframe is con-structed using modern synthetic glues, composite parts and the wing is covered in Dacron. It has a fixed oleo-pneumatic undercarriage and a steerable nose wheel. Entry is over the wing with the large canopy moving forward to allow entry.


Robin DR500 President


The DR500 comes standard with four fuel tanks totalling 275 litres, meaning the air-craft, at its cruising speed of 145 knots at 75% power (at medium weights), is capable of flights of more than 1000 nm. 60kg of luggage can be stored behind these seats, above the auxiliary fuel tank.


Robin DR500 President

DR500/200i President
Engine: Lycoming IO-360A1B6, 200-hp
Prop: Hartzell constant-speed, two-blade
Gross wt: 1150 kg
Max useful load: 500 kg
Wing-span: 8.72 m
Height: 2.23 m
Length: 7.05 m
Take-off dist (50ft) MTOW: 450 m
ROC MTOW: 1000 fpm
Seats: 4/5