RFB X-114


One of the first aircraft designed specifically for Wing In Surface Effect flight, designed by Dr Lippisch, the X-114 could operate in surface effect over waves of 1.5m and was able to escape into unrestricted free-flight. The ground-effect craft flys on a bubble of air built up under its reverted negative-V delta wing.

VFW-Fokker completed preliminary flight-testing of its radical RFB X-114 in 1975. It can fly free but is designed to travel over water or flat terrain in ground effect, which gives it a range of almost 1,100 nautical, a duration of 20 hours and a cruise of about 80 knots.

Engine: 1 x Lycoming, 200 hp
Cruise: 100+ kt
Range: 1000 km
Seats: 6
Fuel consump: 1 kg / 10 km