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Snedden M7
The Snedden M7 is a cable braced, four-wheel, float optional, low aspect ratio mid wing, short take off ultralight design with upsweep wing tips, a large inverted V-tail equipped with anti-servo flaps, a three second ground roll and a very steep climb angle with the wing chord at 45 degrees to the horizon. 
The M7 is a two blade tractor (70 inch diameter Powerfin ‘F’ type with 2.6:1 cog belt reduction) powered by the  65 HP, 6300 rpm, Hirth 3203, dual ignition, 625 cc two cylinder in line, two cycle, oil premix, air cooled engine with Al-Nikasil cylinder bores, dual carbs forward slanted and reed valves.
This machine completely conforms to FAR 103 and A/C 103-7.
Engine: Hirth 3203, 65 hp @ 6300 RPM
Reduction Type: cog belt
Reduction Ratio: 2.6:1
Wingspan: 23 ft
Wing Chord: 78 in
Weight: 277 lb
Fuel Capacity: 5 US G
Stall Speed: 26-27 mph
Top Speed: 63 mph
Cruise Speed: 35 mph
Climb Rate: 1970 fpm
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