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Sebring Wee Wing
Designed and built by Robert M Sebring over a three-year period, the 1949 Wee Wing was a single-place pusher, the airframe was reportedly built for less than $100. The wing was of bonded plastic plywood. The wood construction aircraft was completed in 1949 and in its structure several composite material parts and components were used. The aircraft had so called wingtip tails and was fitted with one 12hp Richter two-stroke (drone) engine, the Richter company later being acquired by the Nelson Engine company.
Only limited testing of the aircraft took place and further development was soon halted.
Only a single example of the flying wing was built.
Engine: one 12hp Richter (Nelson) two-stroke
Wingspan: 22 ft
Height: 2.5 ft
Empty weight: 150 lb
Cruise: 65 mph
Seats: 1

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